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 Stinson 108-3  Piper Cub PA18A-150
 Maule M-6-235  Cessna 180H

N695C 1947 Super Stinson 108-3 S/N:108-3695

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 ACTT: 4583 hours

 EngTT: 743 hours

 PropTT: 1578 hours

 Prop SOH: 1139 hours

 Franklin Engine: (PZL) 6A-350-CIR 220 HP, New 8/1999

 McCauley Prop: 2A31C21 78” constant speed

 Edo 2425 Floats

 KX155 nav/com radio with indicator

 Garmin 196 GPS, panel mounted

 PM3000 4 place stereo intercom with music

 KT76A transponder

 Ceconite fabric, tinted windows, paint, lower longerons, flap and ailerons reskinned by HO Aircraft in 2008

 Beautiful custom interior, 9/10

 Aero Fabricator shoulder harness

 New Cleveland wheels and brakes

 New 8.50 tires and tubes

 Whelen strobes

 Light weight battery

 Zeftronics voltage regulator

 Airwolf remote oil filter

 Symtec engine pre-heater

 Log books beginning from 1949

 Available at extra cost:
 Sea Eagle Two-man inflatable boat with motor- 3.5hp 4 stroke Tohatsu
 Custom padded covers (hail protection) wing, tail and cowl


 Price: $70,000.00

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1955 Piper Cub PA18A-150


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 ACTT: 3725 hours 1955 Piper Cub PA18A-150, s/n 18-4262

 EngTT: 1786 hours, Lycoming 160HP, O-320-A2B

 EngTSMOH: 109 hours

 PropTT: 271 hours, McCauley “Borer” 1A175 / GM 8242

 FloatsTT: 222 hours, Wipline 2100A

 Engine Overhauled 2012

 Lycon 160HP STC

 New Lycoming Cylinders, ported and polished

 Rear mounted oil cooler

 B&C Alternator

 Sky Tec 122-NL Starter

 Spin On Oil Filter

 Reiff Engine Pre-heater

 Sutton Exhaust

 Rubbert Engine Baffling

 Kin KX175B Nav / Comm radio

 NAT Intervox Intercom

 King KT76A Transponder with Encoder

 Electronics International 4 cyl EGT/CHT

 JPI FS-459 Fuel Flow

 Wipline 2100 Amphib Floats, New 1998

 Lake and Air Gear Advisory System

 Grove Nose Wheels

 Wipaire 2000 lb Gross Weight STC

 Useful Load: 813 lbs LAND, 561 lbs FLOATS

 29” Alaskan Bushwheel tires

 Cleveland Wheels and Brakes

 Scott Master Brake Cylinders

 Atlee Dodge Safety Cables

 Scott 3200 Tailwheel

 Baggage Door

 Steves Aircraft Gascolator

 Univair Fuel Selector Valve

 Whelen 70509 Flashing Beacon

 Univair Sealed Struts

 Fuselage tubing repair 1978, 337

 Fabric recover 1978, Ceconite, 337

 Fabric repair to fuselage 1992, 337

 Wing Tip Bow and Fabric repair 1996


 Price: $139,000.00

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1983 Maule M-6-235

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 ACTT: 1691 hours, 1983 Maule M-6-235, S/N 7485C

 ENGTT: 1691 hours, IO-540-W1A5D, Fuel Injected

 PROPTT: 436 hours, Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF / F8468A-3R

 FLOATS: Aqua 2400, installed 2003


 Dual King KX155 nav/com with indicators / glide slope

 Apollo GX55 GPS

 King KT76A transponder

 Century IIB auto pilot

 Sigtronics four place intercom

 Maule Mod kit #26; larger ailerons shorter flaps, square wing tips and larger rudder

 Micro VG’s

 2 Main Tanks 20 gal ea

 2 Aux Tanks 13 gal ea

 Useful load: 934 wheels, 890 floats

 Landing gear included

 Cleveland wheels and brakes

 Kennon Cabin, Wing and Tail cover

 New Sky Tec 149NL HD starter

 Tanis pre-heater


 Price: $80,000.00

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1965 Cessna 180H


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 ACTT: 3621 hours, 1965 Cessna 180H, S/N 18051500

 ENGTT: 3596 hours, O-470-R


 PROPSOH: 1099 hours, McCauley 88” 2A34C66

 FLOATS: Aerocet 3500L

 Engine: Continental O-470-R, Overhauled 2008

 Prop: McCauley 2A34C66NP, Overhauled 1992, Resealed 2008

 Governor: Overhauled 2008


 Garmin 340 audio panel, 4 place stereo intercom

 Garmin GNS 430 nav/com/gps

 VOR indicator with glideslope

 King KX155 nav/com

 Garmin GTX 330 Mode S transponder

 S-Tec 50 Autopilot, GPSS steering

 King KI-525A HSI

 Insight EGT/CHT engine monitor

 Shadin Digiflo fuel totalizer

 Electronics International carb temp gauge

 Astrotech digital clock

 Wing-X wing extensions

 Fishing rod tube

 Bush STOL

 Aircraft repainted 2012 Castleton ND

 Flint tip fuel tanks

 Atlee Dodge jump seats

 Door Stewards

 Landing gear included

 Original airframe logs

 Useful load; floats: 706 lbs.


 Price: $129,000.00

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