N56526 1983 Maule M-6-235

 ACTT: 1691 hours, 1983 Maule M-6-235, S/N 7485C
 ENGTT: 1691 hours, IO-540-W1A5D, Fuel Injected
 PROPTT: 436 hours, Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF / F8468A-3R
 FLOATS: Aqua 2400, installed 2003
 Dual King KX155 nav/com with indicators / glide slope
 Apollo GX55 GPS
 King KT76A transponder
 Century IIB auto pilot
 Sigtronics four place intercom
 Maule Mod kit #26; larger ailerons shorter flaps, square wing tips and larger rudder
 Micro VG’s
 2 Main Tanks 20 gal ea
 2 Aux Tanks 13 gal ea
 Useful load: 934 wheels, 890 floats
 Landing gear included
 Cleveland wheels and brakes
 Kennon Cabin, Wing and Tail cover
 New Sky Tec 149NL HD starter
 Tanis pre-heater


 Price: $80,000.00

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