N3473E 1955 Piper Cub PA18A-150

 ACTT: 3735 hours 1955 Piper Cub PA18A-150, s/n 18-4262
 EngTT: 1796 hours, Lycoming 160HP, O-320-A2B
 EngTSMOH: 119 hours
 PropTT: 281 hours, McCauley “Borer” 1A175 / GM 8242
 FloatsTT: 230 hours, Wipline 2100A
 Engine Overhauled 2012
 Lycon 160HP STC
 New Lycoming Cylinders, ported and polished
 Rear mounted oil cooler
 B&C Alternator
 Sky Tec 122-NL Starter
 Spin On Oil Filter
 Reiff Engine Pre-heater
 Sutton Exhaust
 Rubbert Engine Baffling
 Kin KX175B Nav / Comm radio
 NAT Intervox Intercom
 King KT76A Transponder with Encoder
 Electronics International 4 cyl EGT/CHT
 JPI FS-450 Fuel Flow
 Wipline 2100 Amphib Floats, New 1998
 Lake and Air Gear Advisory System
 Grove Nose Wheels
 Wipaire 2000 lb Gross Weight STC
 Useful Load: 813 lbs LAND, 561 lbs FLOATS
 29” Alaskan Bushwheel tires
 Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
 Scott Master Brake Cylinders
 Atlee Dodge Safety Cables
 Scott 3200 Tailwheel
 Baggage Door
 Steves Aircraft Gascolator
 Univair Fuel Selector Valve
 Whelen 70509 Flashing Beacon
 Univair Sealed Struts
 Fuselage tubing repair 1978, 337
 Fabric recover 1978, Ceconite, 337
 Fabric repair to fuselage 1992, 337
 Wing Tip Bow and Fabric repair 1996


 Price: $139,000.00

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