Benefits of the TIMMods Light Weight Battery Box Installation:

 Typical weight savings: 8lbs les than a G25 battery installation; 14lbs less than a G35 battery installation.

 Field Appproval Installation - Cessna 172, 180, 182, 185.

 Two Models: Shorter profile for 172 or landplane Cessnas, Longer profile for 182 & 185 with seaplane engine mount.

 STC Pending

 Stainless Steel Spot-welded Construction with integrated Solenoid Attach Point.

 Complete package of battery box, battery and 337 copy.

 Features the FAA-PMA approved Enersys PC 680 Sealed Battery (12 volts) - See spec. sheet pdf

 No battery venting required.

 Eliminates the long battery cable in Cessna rear mounted batteries.

 Typical firewall installation of approximately 4 hours.

 PRE STC pricing $450.00 plus shipping.

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