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Parts and Floats

EDO 628-2960 straight floats


 180/185 Rigging


 No Patches

 Straight water rudders

 Spray rails

 Recently refurbished. Complete strip and paint, new hardware and cabling.

 Complete with pork chops, rear fuselage fittings, retract handle, removed from Cessna 180

 Exellent Condition


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Other Items

 180 Left door

 206 pork chops for EDO 3430/3500 floats

 Cessna lift detector p/n S1672-1, new surplus, with pick tag. $4,757 list, sell $2,375, no core required

 206 auxiliary seats

 1967 Cessna 150 doors

 1966 150 elevator, left

 150 aileron and flap, right

 Cessna 210, TU206G mixture control p/n 9862066-1, new surplus, with 8130 tag, $658.00 list, sell $275

 210 spinner for 2 blade McCauley p/n 1250415K200, new surplus, with 8130 tag. $1603.00 list price. Sell $960.00

 206 seaplane tailpipes p/n 1250264-6 $194.00 list, 1250256-7 $323.00 list, new surplus.

 Sky-Tec starters, Plane Power Alternators, light weight batteries IN STOCK.

 Cessna 152 fuel quantity cluster and transmitter replacement service kit p/n SK152-21, new surplus, with pick tag, $1,673.00 list, sell $1,000.00. For replacement of Stewart Warner with Rochester

 Cessna 152 muffler “stubs” 0454009-6, new surplus, from AWI, $275.00

 Cessna 172P wheel fairing sets, used excellent condition.

 Cessna 172XP right hand top cowl, p/n 0552158-2, used, one small patch, slightly dented.

 Cessna 152 winter fronts, p/n 0450080-1 and 0450080-2, used, excellent condition, $300 pair.

 Cessna U206 winter fronts p/n 1200191-2 and 1200191-3, used, excellent condition, $150 pair.

 Cessna elevator trim actuator p/n 1260644-15, used overhauled condition, $1,100.00.

 Cessna A185E spinner p/n 0752042-5 and bulkhead assy. p/n 0752044-3 (2 blade McCauley).

 Hartzell Spinner p/n C3532-13P, polished, new in box, never installed. $1264.00 list, sell $850.00. Used on Hartzell “Top Prop” 180 HP 172 installations.

 Cessna various 206 and 210 models, cowl flap controls, p/n MC1244-31 and MCS1244-32. New condition with ID tags from McFarlane. $175.00 pair

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